Ava Marsden
Portrayed byLisa Joyce
First appearance"The Siege"
Last appearance"The Fall"
Biographical information
Also known asThe Infiltrator
AffiliationThe Followers (Pre-2013)

Ava Marsden was a Follower within the state police.



In The Siege, Ava is first shown with Mike helping him uncover a footage of a gas station that Paul was at to find his location. She later was seen driving out to the house Joey was at with Mike and helped surround the home. In The Fall, Ava reveals her true nature when she and Mike hold up Emma and Ava shoots Mike in the chest, hitting his body armor. She tells Emma she works for Roderick and gets them to a car to drive away. She is later shot and killed by Ryan.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2013: The siege at the farmhouse:


  • Ava Marsden is the first follower who attempted to kill Mike Weston.
  • Ava Marsden is the first person who Joey Matthews saw dying.

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