"The greatest honor is bestowed on those who sacrifice their lives. That's how you reach the highest level of Carrollism."
Parker coining the term.

Carrollism is a colloquial name given to the singular religion of Joe Carroll's cult. The term was first referenced by Debra Parker in "The Curse".

Overview and Belief SystemEdit

"In death, there is life.
In death, there is love.
In death, there is everything."

~Joe and a group of Followers in "The End is Near"

According to Parker's findings, Carrollism is an amalgamation of various religions and their respective practices such as Mormonism and Islam, with self-sacrifice being a primary factor borrowed from Islam and other faiths. Elements of Edgar Allan Poe's works are also implemented.

In this bizarre religion that the cult has created, giving up your life makes you the ultimate paragon and grants you sanctity.