Daniel Monroe
Portrayed byRobert Bogue
First appearance"The Curse"
Last appearance"The Curse"
Biographical information
Also known as
ProfessionArms dealer
Former militia leader
AffiliationFreedom 13 (dissolved)
The Followers (formerly)
Daniel Monroe was an arms dealer and ex-militia leader who provided the Followers with weapons and some of his own groups members. While he assisted Joe's cult, he wasn't a follower. 


Daniel was once the leader of a West Virginian separatist militia called the "Freedom 13". After it was dissolved in 2009, he went underground and eventually made contact with Sheriff Tim Nelson, a.k.a. Roderick, one of Joe's most loyal followers. Through him, he made a deal with the Followers to provide them with weapons and apparently also introduced the cult to at least five of his former militia members, who joined them and helped train them.

Known Freedom 13 membersEdit

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