Flesh & Blood is the eighth episode of season 3 from The Following.


  • Gregg Henry and Sam Underwood don't appear in this episode as their characters Arthur Strauss and Mark Gray.
    • Again, Gregg Henry is credited, yet his character was deceased 2 episodes earlier.
  • This is the first episode of Season 3 to not to feature Tom Reyes.
  • Joe Carroll wore the same clothes in his dream sequence as when he did in the Pilot.
  • While the previous episode featured that Ryan Hardy has problems with the execution of Joe Carroll, this episode featured Joe Carroll to have wanted Ryan Hardy as his follower and therefor also has problems with his former enemy.
  • As of this episode, it marks the first time that Nick Donovan appeared in more then 1 episode as a guest star and as his character in more then 1 episode.

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