April 28, 2014
Running time
60 minutes
Production code
Written by
Directed by
Guest starring

Forgive is the final episode of Season 2 and overall the thirtieth produced episode of The Following. It first aired in the United States on April 28, 2014 on FOX.


Ryan and Joe must join forces to stop Mark and Luke from killing Claire as revenge for the death of their mother.


  • The title refers to Ryan's forgiveness of himself in his pursuit for Joe, Joe seeking forgiveness from Claire for all that he has done and Mike seeking forgiveness from Max, for killing Lily.
  • As of this episode, Valorie Curry's name doesn't appear in the episode credits.
    • As of this episode, no female character appeared in every episode this season and the series overall.
    • As of the episode, only Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll appeared in every episode so far until the next episode, New Blood.
  • Although Joe reveals that Ryan killed more people than he had, this is fact not true on-screen. However, it's possible that Ryan killed more people before Rick Kester.
  • This episode marks the death of Luke Gray.
  • As of this episode, Joe gets arrested.
  • This is the only episode this season in which Claire and Joe saw each other in person.
  • As of this episode, Mike Weston appeared in every episode this season.
  • In this episode, Mike and Max share their first kiss.
  • As a reflection of The Final Chapter and Resurrection, Ryan is in this episode safe while eating Chinese food.
  • The word "Finally" is used by both Joe, when Ryan appears, and Max, when Mike kisses her.
  • Joe killed one character more than in the previous final, The Final Chapter.
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