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{{CharacterProfile | image = GinaMendez.jpg | seasons = [[Season 2 3 | episodecount = | full name = Gina Mendez | aliases = | nicknames = | status = Alive | status_reason = | age = 33 | birth_date = 6/22/1981[1] | gender = | eyes = Brown | hair = Brown | marital status =Married | spouse = | relatives = | address = | profession = FBI Agent | first_appearance = Resurrection | last_appearance = Unmasked | actor = Valerie Cruz}}

Gina Mendez was an FBI agent in charge of the hunt for Joe Carroll and Lily Gray. She had a past relationship with Jana Murphy with whom she had 2 children. Agent Mendez confronted Jana after finding out she had used Mendez's security clearance to help Joe Carroll. Jana stabbed Mendez in the garage of the home they had shared and left her for dead. Ryan showed up in the nick of time and got medical help for Mendez. She apologized to Ryan telling him she had previously thought Jana was fine. Mendez survived and was taken away by ambulance.

She quits the FBI as a result of the strenuous path the Mark Gray case had taken. It is unknown if she will return.



  • According to fans, she resembles Debra Parker in many ways; like having the same color hair and not a friend from Ryan Hardy in the beginning of her first meeting, since Ryan goes out of the books. Unlike Debra Parker, she isn't a main character.
  • It is widely rumored that the character of Gina is slated to appear as a main character in season 3. The writers and producers behind the show have not denied this particular rumor; thus leaving open the possibility of Gina's character playing a pivotal role in next year's season. Valerie Cruz, who portrays Mendez, has expressed her interest in returning for season 3.
  • Gina is revealed to be a lesbian, and her ex partner was none other than Jana Murphy, a member of the original Followers. Jana fed Joe Carol sensitive FBI information by using Gina's access codes.


  1. In Unmasked, FBI Agent File - See Gallery Section

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