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Jordan Raines
Jordy as Marx
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Steve Monroe
First Appearance
Last Appearance
The Poet's Fire
Appears in
3 episodes
Full Name
Jordan Raimes
The Knight[1]
Manner of Death
Suicide in hospital
Personal Status
Professional Status
Former Prison Guard
Followers of Joe Caroll

"This is my chapter and I can write it any way I want to!"

Jordan "Jordy" Raines was a prison guard-turned killer and one of Joe Carroll's followers. He had a "very low IQ."



Jordan worked at the prison where Joe was incarcerated. The same year, over time, Joe got to him and manipulated him in giving him unlimited computer access, which he used to create a website to create his cult following. Joe later gave him a book in which he wrote he had potential (in killing). Wanting to become a serial kill, he started off killing several dogs in the same manner Joe killed his victims in 2003 in his home, then putting them in garbage bags and discussed Joe's plan along with Emma, Paul, Jacob, Rick and Maggie in Emma's plan


Jordan Raines acted as one of Joe Carroll's followers. At a sorority, he poses as a police officer and asks a student if it is okay if he checks the doors and windows. She agrees and lets him inside. ("Pilot")

Once inside, he follows her up to her room, shuts the door, and kills her in addition to two other students living at the sorority with knives from a "toolkit" he tossed through a window in advance. He stabs the victims, gouges out the eyes of some of them and writes "Nevermore" on the wall in copycat acts based on Carroll. He then proceeds to Claire Matthews' house, where he attempts to kill her, but not before Ryan Hardy shoots him and he is apprehended by the FBI. He is then taken to the Virginia Central Penitentiary. ("Chapter Two")

While in the hospital, he refuses to give any information and mocks them, stating though he'll die, it was worth it. He agrees to talk with Debra on the grounds he'll get to talk with Joe, but is tricked into giving up Maggie as a follower. Believing he betrayed Joe, he chokes himself to death by swallowing his own bandages. ("The Poet's Fire")

Known victimsEdit

  • 2013:
    • The attack at the sorority house:
      • Jess (stabbed; gouged her eyes out; killed along with the following below)
      • Two unnamed sorority girls
    • The attack at the Matthews's house
      • Unnamed police officer (assaulted; knocked unconscious)
      • Claire Matthews (attempted; threatened at gunpoint; was rescued)
      • Ryan Hardy (incidental; shot at but missed)


  • Jordan apparently wasn't very popular among the other Followers; Emma at one point refers to him as "the village idiot". ("Chapter Two")
  • Jordan is the first follower who is known as a police officer. The others are Ava Marsden and Tim Nelson.
  • Jordan is one of the four followers never to be seen in Joe's house, along with Paul Torres, Rick and Maggie Kester.


  1. Presumably a reference to Poe's poem "Eldorado"

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