Luke Gray
Luke (2)
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Sam Underwood
Shan Agish
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Appears in
12 Episodes
Full Name
Luke Gray
Manner of Death
Killed by Max Hardy
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Mark Gray - (Twin brother, deceased)
Lily Gray - (Adoptive mother; deceased)
Hilda Barkov - (Biological mother; deceased)
Martin Jansen - (Biological father; deceased)
Professional Status
Serial Killer

Luke Gray was an ex-follower of Joe Carroll in The Following[1]. He is the twin brother of Mark and adopted son of Lily Gray. He assists in numerous murders with his brother and to lure Joe Carroll out of hiding. After his near death experience at the hands of Mike Weston, Luke is taken into custody, but is later liberated by his mother after she hired assassins to rescue him. He is shot and killed by Max Hardy in the Season 2 finale after kidnapping Claire Matthews.


Mark and Luke were born to a woman named Hilda Barkov, a Russian housekeeper for Lily Gray's father, who died while giving birth to the twins. Lily is their illegitimately adoptive mother.


Luke is first introduced with a Carroll mask on, along with Mark and Carlos killing 5 people on the train station. This was an attempt to lure Joe out of hiding. After Carlos is almost caught by Ryan, Luke backhands him in his neck to let him spaz out and laughs along with Gisele and later forces him to stand in the corner for "doing a bad thing".

The twins, Mark and Luke, break into the home of a couple with a young child. Ryan is led to the house by Max's tracking of the twins' phone during a call. The twins continue to draw Ryan's attention by having him show up at a benefit event where the only survivor of the subway murders and new interest of Ryan, Lily Gray, is speaking. After an attempted attack, Ryan helps Lily go unharmed and shoots Luke in the arm, with the only other injury being to Lily's assistant, David. The twins escape as Luke tends to his injury.

After Carlos gets a call from Emma, Mark agrees to meet her. After Mark brings her in, Luke questions why they should trust her. When she states she was Joe's second, Luke doesn't care and when Carlos mentions no one likes Emma, Luke just says "yeah, but no one hear likes you" and stabs him in the neck. Gisele is angry as she was promised she could kill him. After Lily's identity is busted by Ryan, Luke picks her up, revealing her to be his mother.

When Luke and Lily arrive at a large country estate, they are greeted by Mark as well as a diverse group of three who refer to Lily as their mother. As Lily gets acquainted with Joe, Luke and Jamel, one of Lily's "sons", go to meet up with Gisele. However, Ryan, having captured Gisele, heads there instead and is confronted by Luke and Jamel. Ryan shoots Jamel dead and is shot in the stomach in return. Gisele breaks her thumb to escape the handcuffs while Max is distracted and runs away to meet up with Luke. The two follow Ryan's trail to a local house where Ryan attempts to clean up his wound despite the homeowner showing up and panicking. Ryan stabs Gisele with her own knife upon her entering the house and falsely telling him that she killed Max. Luke runs into the house and holds Gisele as she dies, and Ryan runs off.

Back at the house, Luke, in denial over Gisele's death, plays with her body until Mark shows up and sees her dead. He reveals Ryan killed her as Mark brings Lily in over what happened. Luke is frothing with rage and swears vengeance on Ryan only to be stopped by Lily, as Luke is shocked to see Lily more concerned over Joe finding out about Ryan that Gisele's death. Even more so when Lily puts the blame on Luke and tells him not to test her. Luke ignores Lily's warnings and goes after Ryan only to be captured himself. He mocks the trio, telling Max how he would "do things" to her body after killing her, which earns him a punch from Mike (twice after goading him). Ryan calls and proposes a trade with Lily, offering Luke in exchange for Joe. Lily drugs Joe to keep him asleep while Mark, Lily, and a hostage of hers meet up with Max and Luke for the exchange. Max lets Luke go (after Mike stabbed him twice in the shoulder) in exchange for Lily's captive being released, unharmed. Lily, Mark, and Luke run off as Weston and Max chase after them. Weston catches up with Luke and shoots him, though Luke has a bulletproof vest on. Lily and Mark drive off believing it to be too late to save Luke. Weston brutally punches Luke, leaving him bloody and unconscious.

Luke is later taken into custody, alive but hospitalized. After Max is kidnapped, Ryan visits Luke on who may have taken her. Luke eventually gives up someone who has had an obsession with his mother, a man named Kurt (Bowlen), known as "The Huntsman" - a known serial killer.

After a 3 episode absence, Luke is called by his mother, with a nurse who is a trained killer hired by his mother as well as various others, to liberate Luke from custody, even if they have to kill several doctors, guards and even patients. Luke eventually does escape and has a tearful reunion with his brother and mother. Just as they are about to leave, Mark gets a phone call from none other than Mandy Lang, who asks if she can stay with him for now having left Joe's cult.

They take her to a remote home of Lily's, but when Mandy repeatedly refuses to give Joe's location, Mark and Luke proceed to torture Mandy. Joe and Emma discover that Mandy left Korban to find Lily, leading Joe to call Lily wanting Mandy. Lily says she'll let Mandy go if Joe gives himself up, but he denies the offer by telling Mandy he loves her and then hanging up the phone. Lily and the twins kill Mandy after eating dinner.

After finding Joe's location, Lily has her mercenaries corner Joe's Korban followers by killing all of them except a small handful that escaped with Joe. When Luke goes to get a better look, Mark follows after him, unaware that their mother was moments later killed by Mike Weston.

Mark and Luke escape after hearing of their mother's death, swearing vengeance on Mike, Ryan and Joe. After Claire kills Emma during a vicious showdown, it entices Mark and Luke (who were likely intending on making an attempt on Emma's life themselves). As Luke expresses his surprise that Claire is alive, she is then taken hostage by the twins as a leverage for luring Joe and Ryan and avenging their mothers execution.

They force Ryan to take Joe to them and tie them and Claire up to a dinner table. They then threaten to kill Claire if they don't cooperate with their demands by playing "Russian Roulette". They force Joe to make a sincere apology over breaking their mother's heart and believing that Ryan killed their mother. After hearing that Ryan needs redemption over murdering his father's killer, Mark expresses his newfound admiration over Ryan, stating they'll now kill Max and Mike as penance, and just as they try to kill Claire, Mike and Max arrive and shoot Luke in his shoulder as they escape.

After everyone splits, Luke knocks Mike down and discovers he murdered their mother and just as he attempts to kill him, he is shot by Max and Luke falls dead to the ground. Mark picks up Luke's body and runs off. He carries his dead brothers body to a remote location with him putting his dead brother's body in the car and drives off with an unknown driver. His execution is likely to have extreme consequences for Ryan Hardy and his niece Max.


Luke is very self-assured. He knows his identity and has a strong sense of self. He enjoys being seen, heard and celebrated for how good he is at what he's doing. He also has a fetish for pain and playing with corpses, having admitted to Max Hardy that he would had "done things" to her after killing her, all the while giving a smug look to her. He has a vanity about himself as well. He's narcissistic and the more outgoing of the twins. He also thinks little for Joe's followers, as he killed Carlos after deeming him useless without hesitation.

Luke is very obsessed with corpses, as he enjoys talking to them, dancing, and even fondling with them as if they were alive, suggesting he's more insane than his brother. This also extents to denial, as after Gisele was killed, Luke refused to admit her death until after Mark pointed it out and Lily saw the body. He's also very reckless, as he chased after Ryan to kill him, only to be brought into a trap and left captured. He also enjoys the suffering of others, as he laughed at Ryan over his situation of how his niece was captured by a hunter.


  • 2014
    • The subway massacre:
      • Five unnamed victims (stabbed along with Mark and Carlos Perez)
      • Lily Gray (made to look like a victim; non-fatally stabbed in arm)
    • Heather Clarke (manually strangled)
    • The Fisher house killings:
    • David Rollind (attempted but survived; stabbed)
    • Carlos Perez (slashed his throat)
    • Mandy Lang (tortured and later killed along with his brother Mark)
    • Trisha Brumell (killed along with his brother Mark)


Notes and referencesEdit

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