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Portrayed byJennifer Ferrin
First appearance"Guilt"
Last appearance"Resurrection"
Biographical information
Also known asAngel of Death
ResidenceBrooklyn, NY, USA
Serial Killer
Angel of Death
AffiliationThe Followers (2005-2013) 
RelationshipsRyan Hardy - Ex-Boyfriend, Occasional Lover

"You were always my chapter, Ryan."

Molly was the ex-girlfriend and ex-occasional lover of Ryan Hardy. She is later revealed to be one of Joe Carroll's followers.


While at a party one night, she is met by Ryan and Tyson, who both hit on her and eventually makes out with Ryan. They dated for a while, but Ryan still broke up with her, as Molly stated he remained withdrawn. However, they occasionally had off-on sex, to which she secretly taped them for Joe's privileges (though Molly revealed she got him drunk in their encounters).

It is revealed in Whips & Regret that she is Ryan's next-door neighbor and that she is a registered nurse at a terminal ward. In 2009, she revealed to Joe that she is an Angel Of Death who has been killing patients in her ward. She has stated that she has always wanted to live in New York and that she wants to be the one to kill Ryan. 


Molly is first introduced in Joe's home and happily hugs him. In the morning, she hands him all the data she's gained on Ryan over the years and expresses her annoyance of him and how he can't get over Claire despite her best efforts.

Later, she is in Ryan's home greeting him to keep tabs on him. She does a checkup on him and tells him to not overexert himself less he kill himself and wishes for him to be safe.

In the The Final Chapter, she is shown to have gotten into Ryan's apartment even though Ryan and Claire felt safe after Joe's apparent death. Regardless, she has gotten into the apartment and stabs Ryan into the chest. Claire smells the food Delivered to them, and she screams when she sees him bleeding on the ground. Molly proceeds to then stab her in the back.

It is revealed that Molly stabbed Claire again and Ryan attacked her and began to strangle her and broke her neck, killing her. While Molly was unsuccessful in killing Ryan, Claire however died of her wounds at the hospital (which is later proven false as Claire did survive and was put into protective custody).

Known victimsEdit

  • numerous unnamed patients
  • Unspecified dates between 2005-2009: At least 15 unnamed patients (poisoned)
  • 2013:


  • Molly was the first person who died as a recurring character after appearing in Season 1 and 2.
  • Molly's attempt on Claire and Ryan's life actually worked to their benefit, as the FBI was able to fake Claire's death to the world and make Joe and his followers believe she truly died, as Joe later discovered of her presumed death, while Ryan was able to get sober and open up to his family more, specifically, his niece Max Hardy.