The Following 1x09-5
Nick Donovan
Portrayed byMike Colter
First appearance"Welcome Home"
Biographical information
StatusAlive (Wounded)
ProfessionFBI agent

Nick Donovan is an FBI agent and currently is in charge of the investigation of Joe Carroll and his Cult following his second escape. He is an arrogant and determined FBI agent that plans to end Joe Carroll's endgame the right way.



Nick first appears in a press conference berating the current task force for letting Joe escape for a second time and ensures to make sure it won't happen again. He greets Ryan, but it turns sour as he expresses his disdain towards Ryan over the matter and calling him a "wild card". He states from now on, they do things his way.

Following Mike Weston's abduction, he allows Ryan and Debra to find him. Luckily, they save him from Joe's followers and rush him to the hospital. When Amanda Porter goes on a killing spree, Nick helps take her down and saved the last Claire Matthews from dying. He then talks with Debra to keep tabs on Ryan for him and is surprised to see Ryan still in love with Claire, calling it twisted to Debra.

After finding the militia bunker, Nick states this is a huge win for them, having taken out the boot camp and gaining so many weapons away from Joe. Following Roderick's identity being busted, Nick has all his officers go after him and shows his disdain to Ryan again for talking to the press over allowing immunity to a cult member should they come forward. After Roderick is arrested, he says he has Joey and will only give him up if he gets freedom, to which Nick immediately refuses as he killed two state troopers. However, Ryan, not wanting Joey to die, releases him and forces him to take him to Joey. After arriving, Mike followed them via Nick's orders, knowing Ryan would do this, but was persuaded by Debra to follow his plan, realizing he's starting to like Ryan.

After regaining Joey back, a follower named Melissa comes forward intent on Ryan's offer. However, as they turn their backs, Melissa takes her hair needles out of her hair and viciously stabs Nick in his right eye from behind, but she's killed by Ryan and Mike, as a terrified Debra tries to help a screaming Nick. It is later revealed by Debra that he survived and is getting ready for surgery.