Olivia Warren
Portrayed byRenee Elise Goldsberry
First appearance"The Siege"
Last appearance"Let Me Go"
Biographical information
Family membersUnknown

Olivia Warren was the attorney of Joe Carroll, whom he blackmailed to do his bidding less she be killed by his followers or be arrested for unknowingly helping his cause.



In 2010, Olivia acted as lawyer for Joe during one of his last failed appeals. When she failed, she recommended that he hire another law firm, but he insisted on her despite her rejections. In response, Joe sent one of his Followers, Henry Flynn, her way and had him cut off the ring finger and little finger of her left hand as a threat.


When she first appeared in The Siege she was forced by Joe Carroll to represent him and to carry out his orders. She was forced to read an excerpt from "Masque of the Red Death" which triggered Charlie Mead and Henry Flynn to excel Joe's plan. After that; she was ordered to tell Claire that she was to go to a certain street if she wanted to see her son Joey again. She regretted this decision after she heard Claire had gone missing. She started crying and Joe told her to calm down and that she had a lot more to do.

In the next episode, The Fall Olivia reports to Joe about what happens at the Farmhouse and that they found Claire safe and sound. Joe then had her file a motion about his 8th Amendment rights being broken. Since this was true when Ryan broke his fingers in Pilot, Joe had a case and requested to be transferred to Georgia. She was also; regrettably the ticket out of custody for Joe Carroll, him having hid in her trunk as the FBI searched the Warden's car and the armored transport car where he was supposed to be. They stopped and she let Joe out of the trunk and gave him a suit to wear. She then drove him to his desired location and Joe forced her to call Ryan and tell her that "Joe Carroll is killing me and its your fault" She refused to say it, but ultimately Joe strangled her to death in her own car as Ryan Hardy and Mike Weston listened.


  • Olivia was the first character killed by Joe Carroll on-screen. Sarah Fuller, Annie and 5 prison guards were killed off-screen.
  • Olivia's speech had led indirectly to other deaths: Henry Flynn, 1 police officer and 2 FBI agents. 
  • Olivia was the first recurring character killed by Joe in the series.