This is a list of on-screen kills by Ryan Hardy.

Number of Kills by Day
Season 1 2 3 Total
Kills 14 13 4 31

Season 1

Picture Total Name Method
[[File:|150px]] 1 Rick Kester
Ryan shot Rick twice, but the second shot was Rick fatal.
[[File:|150px]] 2 Henry Flynn
[[File:|150px]] 3 Ava Marsden
[[File:|150px]] 4 Joe Carroll Follower #1
[[File:|150px]] 5 Joe Carroll Follower #2
[[File:|150px]] 6 Joe Carroll Follower #3
[[File:|150px]] 7 Joe Carroll Follower #4
[[File:|150px]] 8 Joe Carroll Follower #5
[[File:|150px]] 9 Louise Sinclair
[[File:|150px]] 9 Joe Carroll Follower #6
[[File:|150px]] 10 Joe Carroll Follower #7
[[File:|150px]] 11 Vincent McKinley
[[File:|150px]] 12 Ethan
[[File:|150px]] 13 Melissa
[[File:|150px]] 14 Alex Lipton
Ryan shot Alex in the head for killing Debra Parker.

Season 2

Picture Season total Overall total Name Method
[[File:|150px]] 1 15 Molly
[[File:|150px]] 2 16 Jamel
[[File:|150px]] 3 17 Gisele
[[File:|150px]] 4 18 Sami
[[File:|150px]] 5 19 Kurt Bolin
[[File:|150px]] 6 20 Decklan
[[File:|150px]] 7 21 Korban member #1
[[File:|150px]] 8 22 Korban member #2
[[File:|150px]] 9 23 Lily Gray group member #1
[[File:|150px]] 10 24 Lily Gray group member #2
[[File:|150px]] 11 25 Lily Gray group member #3
[[File:|150px]] 12 26 Alexander
[[File:|150px]] 13 27 Korban member #3

Season 3

Picture Season total Overall total Name Method
[[File:|150px]] 1 28 Spider
[[File:|150px]] 2 29 Neil Perry
[[File:|150px]] 3 30 Kyle Locke
[[File:|150px]] 4 31 Duncan Banks

Background information and notes

  • As of the episode Boxed In, Ryan has killed in every season to date.
  • There is at least one episode each season which doesn't feature a kill from Ryan Hardy.
  • Ryan came close in killing a main character, namely Joe Carroll in The Final Chapter. However in Resurrection it was revealed that Joe Carroll was still alive to the viewers. Ryan discovered this later in Fly Away, when he saw him briefly in person.
  • In Forgive, Joe Carroll said that Ryan Hardy had killed more people then Joe himself. However this was not true in season 1 and 2. Ryan however, could have killed more people before the events of the Pilot. This fact hasn't been featured yet in flashbacks or confirmed by Ryan himself.
    • If Joe's kills prior to season 1 don't count (which is 12 kills), than Joe was right about what he said, since during season 1 and 2, Joe killed 19 people, 6 less than Ryan.
  • Ryan had killed 5 females on-screen: Ava Marsden, Louise Sinclair, Melissa, Molly and Gisele.
    • This is a shorter time then Jack Bauer, another Fox character, who had killed 5 females over 9 seasons, while Ryan did this only in 2 seasons.
  • Molly is Ryan's only victim who appeared in more then one season, namely two seasons: season 1 and 2.
  • During two instances Ryan killed the male of a married couple; Rick Kester during The Poet's Fire and Kyle Locke during A Hostile Witness.
  • Would Molly not being count as a season 2 character that died, then would Gisele being the only female that Ryan killed during season 2.
  • As of the episode The Hunt, Ryan killed the exact count of people as Joe, 31.
    • Ironically, in this episode says Nick Donovan that if Ryan's methods weren't used, Joe would killed more people.

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