Scott Turner
Portrayed byJohn Lafayette
First appearance"Pilot"
Biographical information
ProfessionU.S. Marshal
AffiliationU.S. Marshals Service

U.S. Marshall Scott Turner is part of the investigation of Joe Carroll and an old friend of Ryan Hardy.



Scott Turner is observing the scene where five unnamed guards were killed by Joe Carroll when Ryan Hardy shows up. He tells Ryan's partners that Hardy is their problem. He follows Claire Matthews on her lunch date with a friend; thinking she maybe up to something since she wants to leave after Olivia Warren had a closed doors meeting with her. He follows her on the date and when she slips off; he calls it in; having lost her on his watch (The Siege)

After Debra Parker is buried alive and follower Alex Lipton, whom was behind Parker's burial, is arrested, Ryan, knowing full well that regular interrogation won't be enough to get the devoted follower to flip, tells the FBI to put the man in his and Mike's car. Turner asks Ryan if he's taking Alex back to town for questioning, which Ryan agrees he is. Turner knows almost immediately what Ryan is up to, but simply replies, "Do what you need to do," showing that he understands that it's the only way.


In the aftermath of Claire and Ryan's attack at the hands of Molly, Scott tells Claire that she needed to go into hiding with her family. Though she wanted to tell Ryan, Scott told her for it to work everyone needed to believe she died in the OR, even Ryan.


Scott was seen much later greeting Mike Weston in allowing him to speak with Claire Matthews. Later, Claire tells Turner that she refuses to go to Arizona, and instead wants to see Ryan.

She's given permission, provided her son and mother are moved to another location which Claire will not be given information on unless she returns to witness protection. Scott shows up at Ryan's place and allow him and Claire to talk in private.


  • Scott is the only character in The Following to be a supporting character that appears in all the seasons and not be killed off.