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"The End is Near"
The Following 1x14-1

April 22, 2013
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"The End is Near" is the fourteenth episode of Season 1, and overall the fourteenth produced hour of The Following. It first aired on April 22, 2013.


Ryan, Parker and Weston prepare to storm the follower’s mansion, but Joe Carroll already has an escape plan in action. Meanwhile, disguised followers create a diversion at the town evacuation center, which causes panic among the residents and leads to a dangerous kidnapping of one FBI official.



  • Claire is still being held at the Follower House.
  • Jacob doesn't look very happy.
  • Joe and his Followers prepare for their escape.
  • Ryan and Mike prepare to enter the Follower House.
  • Law enforcement gathers outside town's evacuation center.
  • Ryan and Mike discuss a plan of action.
  • Ryan, Mike, and Parker check out a town's evacuation center.
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