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"The Siege" is the fifth episode of Season 1, and overall the fifth produced hour of The Following. It first aired on February 18, 2013.


When Claire receives a phone call that may lead her to her son, Joey, Hardy and the FBI set their next move into motion, causing panic at the followers’ hideout. Meanwhile, Carroll seeks a lawyer from his past to send a message that has deadly results. Former FBI special agent Ryan Hardy is now redeputized.   



The Following -- Season 1
#01 "Pilot"#09 "Love Hurts"
#02 "Chapter Two"#10 "Guilt"
#03 "The Poet's Fire"#11 "Whips & Regret"
#04 "Mad Love"#12 "The Curse"
#05 "The Siege"#13 "Havenport"
#06 "The Fall"#14 "The End is Near"
#07 "Let Me Go"#15 "The Final Chapter"
#08 "Welcome Home"

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