Tyson is a former FBI agent, partner and friend of Ryan Hardy.



Tyson worked alongside Ryan Hardy in the FBI and were partners and best friends in a sense. At some point, he retired and chose to live in peace under witness protection.

Tyson was shown to have read Ryan's book "Poetry of a Killer" and seemed to have liked it, but thought it wouldn't do any more well than Joe's book, despite Ryan's protest. When Ryan admitted he did this to make himself feel better, Tyson admitted if he believes in himself, then he should do it.


While at a party at one point with Ryan, he introduced her to a girl named Molly and encouraged him to make a move despite his protests. He watched as he did try to get to know her and later showed surprise as Ryan and Molly started making out. He later stated she tried to hold on to him, but he broke up with her (though it was proven they occasionally had sex at Ryan's home). He tried to convince Ryan to give her a chance stating he has to get over his "death curse" of his life stating no one wants to die alone.


Tyson first appears when Ryan and Claire Matthews arrive running from Joe's Followers and greeted his old friend. He is in the Witness Protection Program due to having made an enemy out of an unspecified crime syndicate a while back. He says he made the right choice coming to his home and promised they were safe and was glad to see him again. Later, he has a talk with Claire about Ryan's background and his past with other women, and mentions Molly from the past and how she broke up with him due to his distant nature and reasures Claire that any woman he was serious with was her. As Ryan enters the room, Claire notices a chip on her sweater and they realize that Joe's people know they're at Tyson's home.

Tyson reasures Claire that he owes Ryan for saving his life more than once and they have the element of surprise, but low on ammo. Tyson then tells them he has a plan. Later that night, when Joe's men arrive, Tyson executes his plan and shoots one of them dead at point blank range through his bullet proof vest. However, as Ryan and Claire go to the other side of the house listening to Roderick, Tyson shoots at the other shooter, but is unable to find him, and he himself is shot twice and falls over from blood loss. Luckily, the police arrive after Claire gives herself up to stop the bloodshed and Tyson is rushed to the hospital.

He is currently in a coma, but is stated he will survive.