The unknown driver appears in the season finale after being summoned by Mark.


He (or she) drove a gray Honda Ridgeline truck to pick up Mark who, carrying his deceased brother Luke, had summoned him (or her) as a last resort after barely escaping the showdown at their mother's abandoned mansion. Mark places his brother's body in the back seat and says, "I didn't know who else to call", before getting inside himself and driving off into the night. The identity of the driver is left unknown, being only glimpsed with his (or her) hand on the steering wheel.


  • Many viewers of the show have since begun speculation in regards to the driver's identity, with many adamantly proclaiming that the driver is Carrie Cooke, journalist and brief romantic partner of Ryan Hardy. Others have, after considering the events of the entire season, believe Agent Gina Mendez to be the driver as her former spouse Jana was connected to Joe Carroll and aiding him during his evading capture. The intense and final conversation she had with Jana, being strictly pervaded with paranoia after having been confronted by Ryan, was interpreted by viewers as being an allusion to Mendez' possible involvement with Joe Carroll as well.

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