Why don't/didn't the FBI go through all the visitation logs and tapes? They could have easily identified the followers at least by face even if the followers were using fake IDs. Would have known about that the nanny and gay neighbours visited Joe?

There's no way the visits that Jacob and Emma made Joe while was in prison weren't recorded or taped or at least monitored. The man is a serial killer and they don't think to monitor what his non-relative visitors talk to him about? Like when Jacob was talking to Joe about never having killed anyone, that doesn't raise eyebrows? Or in the latest episode when his attorney talks with him and Joe says he needs to know everything about the media and FBI and asks "you still have your contacts?" how does the FBI not do anything about it? They can hear the conversation! At first I thought maybe they showed internet chat as a real life visit (as Jordy did get Joe those privileges) but with the latest thing with Olivia it just seems the writers conveniently make the FBI deaf when Joe isn't talking to them. 

Another explanation I thought of was Jordy managed to get Joe those visits so they weren't recorded or shown on security footage. But unless the prison guards were all in the cult (which would be another huge lead for the FBI) then there's no way Jordy, who we know was not the brightest, could have had that much control over the situation. Sure he could maybe get the followers in without signing their names and stood by as security so they could talk in private, but that would mean he wouldn't be able to shut off security cameras.

In the pilot episode they interviewed all the people that visited Joe (when the lady stabbed herself), which means they did go through Joe's visitations. In that case how did they not find Emma, Jacob??

I need some answers it's all I can think of every times something like that is shown.

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