The Following has been getting a lot of interest due to the amount of violence actually in the show. Kevin Bacon stars as a former FBI agent brought back to track down a serial killer who has created a cult of killers around him. As for the violence, in the first episode, a woman commits suicide by stabbing herself in the eye and piercing her skull with an ice pick; in another a man is set on fire at a coffee stand.

But will the amount of squeamish violence in the show actually keep people from watching it? From the promos, it seems like The Following is going to be interesting and worth watching! For one, how in the world do you get a cult of killers to actually work together? Well, we for one are excited to see how this show starts off, and we've got some predictions to share for you about what's going to happen!

  • James Purefoy's character Joe Carroll seems really creepy. Smart, but creepy. We predict that he's going to be really good at mind games and will convince us to hate the character!
  • Mind games between Joe and Kevin Bacon's character Ryan Hardy. The two have a history together so things are going to get personal!
  • Mike Weston is pretty young to be an FBI agent. We think he might have a breakdown at some point with the stuff that he has to watch happen and with the mind games that Joe tries to play.
  • We're expecting so much angst from Kevin Bacon, and we're kind of excited about it!
  • We think Joe is going to get out of prison at some point, and Ryan is going to have to try and hunt him down again.
  • Ryan and Joe's wife! Joe claims that Ryan slept with her, and we think that this is probably a sore point between the two of them. He probably hasn't forgiven his wife either...
  • Connections, connections, and connections. We'll be sure to pay attention to every little thing that happens because everything probably has a connection in this murder mystery show!

Don't forget to share your own predictions in the comments below!


First Look The Following02:37

First Look The Following


Inside The Following What Is The Following? (1 of 4) The Following07:21

Inside The Following What Is The Following? (1 of 4) The Following


Inside The Following Other Characters (2 of 4) The Following05:21

Inside The Following Other Characters (2 of 4) The Following


Inside The Following Research and Style (3 of 4) The Following05:10

Inside The Following Research and Style (3 of 4) The Following



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