Listen, I have currently been changing edits that someone keeps making and I would like to respectively ask you to stop. Brian and Daniel are not members of Joe Carroll's cult, they just introduced them to some ex-members, training facilities and suppllies them with weaponry. They may have done alot to help the Followers build their organization, but they were still not official members. They never took orders from Carroll, they never killed anyone for Carroll, and most importantly: They never lived in the mansion. There are a few like Jordan RainesPaul Torres and Ava Marsden that are not known to have lived in the mansion, but you got to remember that by the time Carrol got to the mansion all of his followers were there except Paul and Jacob, and the only reason why they were delayed is that they were left behind and Jacob killed Paul. If Daniel and Brian were memebrs of the cult they would have joined up with Carrol at the mansion when they had the chance. If you have another reason why you think they are followers please tell me and I will consider that reason and we can reach some sort of compromise. But until then Please stop changing my edits and leave the pages alone until we sort this out.

P.S. if anyone else wants to contribute to this dispute you are welcome to leave your opinions why Brian and Daniel are followers or just assoicates in the comments section.

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