Vincent McKinley
Vince 111
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Christopher Denham
First Appearance
Last Appearance
The Curse
Appears in
3 Episodes
Full Name
Vincent McKinley
Manner of Death
Killed by Ryan Hardy
Mid 20's
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Brock Wickford (Foster Brother)
The Follower's Mansion
Professional Status
Former militia member
Serial Killer

Vincent McKinley was one of Joe Carroll's followers and former militia member turned mercenary.


Vincent, alongside his foster brother Brock, were abused as children and met in the juvenile system. They were adopted together by a foster family that was part of a Constitutionalist extremist militia, which trained both of them in military tactics and firearm handling. They were assigned by Roderick to capture Claire Matthews for Joe. They go to the hotel she was hiding at and holds her at gunpoint forcing Ryan down, but Ryan knows he won't kill her. Claire gets away from him giving Ryan the chance to shoot him, but Vince survives due to his bullet proof vest. However, he tagged Claire's sweater leading them to Tyson's home. Brock is killed, but Claire willingly gives herself up for Ryan and Tyson's safety.

The next morning, they deliver Claire to Joe and as Roderick asks to start the next phase, Vince watches in surprise Joe's refusal to do so. Vince then asks Roderick if he can deliver a package to "that" place and he does so. He takes his package and his girlfriend there intent to "protect" her from the FBI once they know what he's gonna do. He arrives at a former militia bunker used as a training camp and as he tries to put moves on her, but finds a wire on her realizing she's been tagged, to which he yells at her and Ryan on the speaker stating he killed her. However, he choose to tie her up since a live person would buy him more time than a dead one and make an escape.

Returning home the next day, Vince becomes visibly terrified over having lost the bunker, what with their weapons, followers in training, all of whom were killed, and everything else in the bunker, greatly angering Joe. With the man who gave them the bunker, Daniel Monroe, left out there, Joe has him and Jacob go to his home to kill him. While at the home, he finds Ryan and almost disarms him till Ryan punches him on the floor and at gun point, threatens him to not go for his gun, but Vince doesn't listen and shoots Vince dead.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unspecified dates, pre-2013:
    • Three unspecified separate murders
  • 2013:
    • Claire Matthews (intended to abduct; held hostage at gunpoint and threatened to kill; was rescued)
    • Ryan Hardy (attempted to shoot)

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