The Virginia Campus Murders[1] are a series of murders committed by Joe Carroll in 2003, at the Winslow University. Joe targeted young women, likely his students and killed them by stabbing them with knives as well as gauging out their eyes with precision (a skill taught to him by Dr. Arthur Strauss). A total of 14 women died, with Joe taking credit for all but 2 of these women were in fact Tim Nelson's victims.

FBI Agent Ryan Hardy took lead on the investigation, meeting first with Claire Carroll and then her husband Joe Carroll. When Ryan initially met Joe, he too was persuaded by Joe's innate ability to connect with people. Because of him being fooled, several more girls died and Joe's final victims before being captured was a girl named Annie and her friend Sarah Fuller. He killed Annie relatively easily but took his time with Sarah, a mistake which cost him his capture by Ryan who had investigated the scene. Ryan suffered a blow dangerously close to his heart during the struggle, but managed to shoot and wound Joe allowing him to be captured.

A year later in 2004, with Sarah's testimony Joe was put away for 9 more years with his execution being dated in 2013. However, he manages to escape before this time and is currently at large.


  1. Pilot, as seen in the report for Joe in Mike Weston's presentation

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